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Sailing yachts are appealing to motor yacht enthusiasts with their hybrid mix of luxury.

Sailing yachts are starting to appeal to motor yacht enthusiasts who are looking for the luxury of amenities in interiors and the same good performance — yet offer a bit more of a sporty take on pleasure cruising. Then there are those who are concerned about the environment and are turning to sailing yachts to feel as if they are not leaving as much of a carbon footprint — or boat print. “Sailing yachts don’t burn as much fuel, so you’re not polluting the environment as much,” says John Cichanowicz of Burgess Yachts.

“And you feel closer to the sea in a different way on a sailing vessel.”

When anyone in the know talks about sailing yachts, Maltese Falcon — a yacht that exemplifies high performance, clean style, and ultra high luxury — is sure to be mentioned. But mostly what sailing fanatics drool over is her revolutionary sailing system — the Falcon Rig, which sets a new milestone in yachting history — 3 self-standing and rotating masts hosting 15 sails for a total sail area of 2,400 square meters (25,791 ft square). Yep, that’s smooth sailing.

Then there’s Twizzle, a 57.5m custom-designed sailing yacht that combines super-yacht amenities with the glide of a family cruiser. Twizzle is also built to be sailable in all climates and conditions for years of round-the-world cruising.

Twizzle represents all that a sailing yacht can be with its three luxurious cabins and six crew cabins, which can accommodate 11 crew, including separate quarters for the captain. The interior is lush, and bathrooms are sculpted from single blocks of solid Perlino marble. This isn’t your grandpappy’s sailboat — it’s high-tech all the way as most of the sailing super-yachts are. Guests can control lighting, air conditioning, and television through their own iPads from anywhere on the yacht.

“With these ultra contemporary sailing vessels, you have interior space, plus lavish appointments,” says Cichanowicz.super-swanky-Main

Cost is considerably less for a sailing vessel than a yacht, both on the front end of buying and to operate the boat. Because it isn’t as heavy as a standard super-yacht, it burns less fuel — and when the wind is right, have the cap’n turn off the motor and use natural power.
“That’s when these super sailing yachts really show their stripes in a different light,” says Cichanowicz.


silken-racing-for-the-cup-Ready, set, go! Two hundred boats that will compete on Biscayne Bay with folks from 24 countries, including the United States, sail into Miami for BACARDI Miami Sailing Week, March 2-8. There’s history on those waters, too, because not only are the sailors competing for the BMSW regatta trophy, they’re after the celebrated Bacardi Cup.

The STAR Class will compete for the 87th time in the Bacardi Cup, a tradition that started in Cuba and then came to Miami in 1962. And don’t miss the Hospitality Village, complete with Bacardi’s open bar. Ho, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum!


Palm Beach boasts $1.2 billion worth of boats, yachts, and accessories — well, yes, probably during season, but definitely during the Palm Beach International Boat Show (March 20-23). It’s only one of five boat shows in the country with that kind of inventory, and it’s regarded as one of the top ten yachting events in the U.S.

Take in the panoramic views of Palm Beach Island as you stroll along the super-yacht dock where every vessel clocks in at more than 200-feet. Already have the boat of your dreams? Arrive by boat, and tie up to the free come-by-boat docks, located south of the in-water displays.


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