Dreamy vacation rentals are replacing exotic travels this summer. Check out these dreamy homes…

Escape To Paradise

Does social distancing have you worried about your summer plans? For many, summertime is the time many plan extravagant family vacations.  The kids are out of school, the weather is fantastic, and the days are longer—allowing optimal time to venture to exotic places, catch some sun and spend more quality time with our friends and families. This summer the trends have shifted from exotic destinations abroad to home-away-from-home dreamy vacation rentals.

While many have already been spending a lot more time with their families then they ever imagined during the coronavirus outbreak, whether you love it or have grown tired of it, you’ve likely run into problems of keeping your family entertained. Between, possibly working from home, managing your kids schoolwork and maintaining a functioning household, this time probably hasn’t felt much like a vacation.

With social distancing guidelines likely to remain in effect in many cities during the summer, activities and entertainment options, lodging, dining will be extremely limited. The truth is, you really don’t have to totally give up on enjoying the summer with your family. Here are some tips to make your “home-away-from-home” summer escapade feel exciting for the whole family.

Choosing the right vacation rental is key.

When choosing the right dreamy vacation rental it’s important to keep in mind that the actual home is the most important factor in a successful summer staycation escapade. The home base should have all the summer essentials including a private pool, outdoor kitchen for grilling and entertaining under the stars, lots of green space for nature walks, a great room for family gatherings, as well as be spacious enough for everyone to recluse and recharge as needed. For family cooking nights a spacious, well-equipped kitchen is a “must” on the home check list.

Fit Focused Days.

Plan local hiking trips or long walks or bike rides. Enjoy the local parks and embrace the architecture in the neighborhood. A quick Google search of interesting facts can help you to plan what you want to go and see. If you have kids, try setting up a challenge for them to identify certain plants, landmarks or wildlife when you’re out walking. It will make the walks more engaging. Having prizes ready for them helps with the motivation, too.  Additionally, backyard games are a blast—sprinklers, hula-hoops and jump rope are things kids love. For the adults, a state-of-the-art fitness center, tennis courts and/or a golf course may be the dream home deal breaker.

Embrace the farmers markets. 

Heading out for a trip to the local farmers market is such a treat, and also a great way to shop locally.  At this point, many of them have adopted social distancing guidelines, which means it’s also a safe bet for a family outing. The market usually has beautiful fresh, and seasonal options to explore, maybe there are some fascinating new fruits and vegetables you can’t find at your usual grocery store. Also, getting the kids involved in selecting ingredients for your meals may help spark their interest in healthier eating (an added bonus!).  Breaking your usual grocery shopping routine by browsing the stalls in beautiful weather will help spark that summer vibe. 

Themed dinners with the whole family.

With exotic travels on the back burner, consider themed cooking nights to help transport your taste buds to any destination. It can be really fun to make drinks, shakes and meals with ingredients from places that are on your future travel list. Enjoy a nice Italian wine with your pasta one night, try cooking a beautiful Indian curry meal or ordering take-out from a restaurant you’ve never tried before. Take it a step further and print out some fun-facts online or rent a movie about the particular culture you’ll be indulging that night—the possibilities are endless and it’s a great opportunity to learn about other cultures through food.

Chefs kitchen for family cooking nights.

Finally, take time to plan out your dreamy home-away-from-home semi staycation in the same way you would an exotic vacation. Having an itinerary of what you want to do helps to prevent the lazy, do-nothing blues from taking over. A vacation is about rest, relaxation, discovery and recreation– all of those things can be accomplished in the right setting. Studies have shown a positive correlation between associates taking vacation time and an overall better wellbeing, so no matter what’s on your itinerary, make sure to thoroughly enjoy your summer escape to paradise!

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