Rising Star


Star-shaped vessel meant to redefine look of luxury yachts.

Yacht designer Igor Lobanov had been coming to the same conclusion for a long time: “To those outside the marine industry, all yachts look the same.” So, after seeing a sketch on a napkin, he set out to do something about it — he designed Project STAR.

“The initial idea of the STAR belongs to Alex Malybaev from FIRMA branding agency,” says Lobanov of Lobanov Design, who recalls Malybaev penning the idea on a napkin, and then asking the yacht designer if a yacht could be like that.

“I looked at the sketch and set out to work. The idea was so great that I wanted to prove it could become a yacht,” says Lobanov.

Pg90_FIM_Yacht-winter_1.2After some technical feasibility studies to see if the futuristic yacht concept could actually float, STAR got its sea legs.

Basically a rethinking of artistic form and content, STAR has been developed as a private yacht, or more radically, as the world’s most ultra-luxurious floating hotel — with the idea that it could redeploy to the world’s iconic marine cities and events, worldwide.

The concept vessel is shaped like the top half of a star. It is a massive 433 feet (132 meters) in length and 196 feet (60 meters) in height with over 37,000 square feet of space spread across eight decks that are accessed via four elevators, located in the central spire. It has been designed with a maximum speed of 18 knots, along with some built-in features that will allow it to rotate easily without the constraints of traditional anchors. The yacht can accommodate as many as 36 overnight guests in 18 cabins, though it is able to entertain more than 200-plus “day” passengers. Different levels leave room for a helicopter landing and host a viewing platform. The platform is high enough to afford guests a visibility range of more than 12.5 miles. Not a shabby way to stargaze.

But will the futuristic concept ever see the light of day?

James Roy, yacht design director of BMT Nigel Gee — with whom Lobanov collaborated on the naval architecture and technical feasibility — believes that, “STAR is a tangible view of a 21st-century interpretation of art and science. We are fortunate to live in an era where technology makes the delivery of bolder designs more possible — for clients who are adventurous innovators, anything is truly possible.” Should someone want to buy STAR, the expected price tag will be around $500 million.

Green with envy

Mega-yacht J’ade features the world’s first floating drive-in garage.

Pg90_FIM_Yacht-winter_1.3Superyacht builder CRN, a part of Italian yachting’s Ferretti Group, made a splash at the 2014 Monaco Boat Show held in September with its 196-foot J’ade mega-yacht.

Pg90_FIM_Yacht-winter_1.4The yacht, with interiors by Studio Zuccon International Project, boasts the world’s first floating drive-in garage. Here’s how it works: The tender bay garage door opens up, allowing for a boat to be driven inside with no need for a crane or any other deployment or retrieval mechanism. The side hatch is operated hydraulically, and the internal basin fills with water to allow the tender in and out easily. Underwater lights in the basin create a jade green visual effect for atmosphere. The garage basin, which holds over 4,755 gallons of water (18,000 litres), can be emptied and dried in three minutes.

When not storing the speedboat, the garage can be used as an indoor ocean pool, which is accessed via the lower-deck terrace.

The $60 million luxury vessel was nominated for Best Interior at 2014 Monaco Yacht Show. Currently privately owned, J’ade took three years to build.

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