Planned Evolution

Iconic venues and VIP’s attend private luncheon hosted by Evolve Miami Beach and Thierry Isambert to present the new Miami Beach Convention Center.

EVOLVE Miami Beach hosted a private luncheon to officially unveil the company’s hospitality website,, to its exclusive VIP venues and partners.

The luncheon was hosted by Thierry and Alina Isambert at the Thierry Isambert commissary offering a stunning and delectable lunch for a select group of VIP’s. It was a meeting of the minds for top hospitality professionals in Miami Beach with one goal – to work together for the bigger purpose.

Thierry Isambert, Alina Isambert, Shireen Abram, Silvio Sulichin, Minerva Arboleya, Henry Heinrik, Michelle Kucharczyk-Iva Kovosic, Charlotte Schou, Steven Haas, Allison Colberg and Daniel Davidson

Steven Haas, Center Plate and the Miami Beach Convention Center


Place setting by Thierry Isambert Catering & Event Design.


Minerva Arboleya, Alina Isambert and Silvio Sulichin

Steven Haas, of Center Plate and the Miami Beach Convention Center, discussed the critical importance of hospitality excellence in representing Miami Beach across all venues and industries with one voice.

Silvio Sulichin, Thierry Isambert, Steven Haas, Daniel Davidson and Henry Heinrik

Discussions included the fantastic opportunities for event venues surrounding the Miami Beach Convention Center to work together and support one another. The luncheon served as a platform to unite key hospitality professionals to extend the productivity, expertise and service to the upmost excellence.

VIP guests included Daniel Davidson, The Temple House, Michelle Kucharczyk-Iva Kovosic and Charlotte Schou, New World Symphony, Minerva Arboleya and Silvio Sulichin, Trillionaire Group, Jeff Rudd, The Fillmore, Grace Castro, The Bass Museum, Allison Colberg, Miami Beach Women’s Club, Henry Heinrik, Reel Deal Yachts at the Fontainebleau Marina, and Shireen Ahram, Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce.

Alina Isambert and Minerva Arboleya

“There is no other city comparable to Miami Beach that has iconic award-winning venues, museums, the New World Symphony steps away from the Miami Beach Convention Center. This offers a wealth of exciting diversity selection of venues for our future visiting groups” says Monica Don, Founder, Evolve Miami Beach.

The new era of Miami Beach is here.


Silvio Sulichin and Henry Heinrik


Lamb Entre by Thierry Isambert Catering


Desserts by Thierry Isambert Catering


Thierry Isambert Catering & Event Design
Minerva Arboleya


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