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One & Only Louis Vuitton Aventura Mall Maison
The Louis Vuitton Maison in Aventura Mall.

By Anetta Nowosielska

Louis Vuitton plants a flag in the world of bespoke luxury

Much like the details of the new, Peter Marino designed Louis Vuitton Maison in Aventura, the arsenal of leather goods offered at the emporium’s Haute Maroquinerie salon presents a unique opportunity to be spellbound by the brand’s savoir-faire, so richly synonymous with the art of travel. One of the very few in the world, and only the second in the U.S., The Haute Maroquinerie salonin Aventura is one of the several tailor-made experiences at this largest Louis Vuitton location in North America. The bespoke offering from the prolific Maison is an innovative, yet charmingly old-worldly, approach to luxury for a brand whose provenance is deeply rooted in progress.

Louis Vuitton’s skins are considered some of world’s best.
Louis Vuitton’s skins are
considered some of world’s best.

The idea to revolutionize the way the affluent traveled came to Louis Vuitton during his days as the official packer for Empress Eugenie, and subsequently with Monsieur Maréchal, a popular trunk maker at the time. Before Mr. Vuitton’s modification to the rounded trunks, which he flattened out for the purpose of better stacking in cars, ships, and trains, the norm was a curved lid that allowed the rain to slide off as the trunks were transported by carriage. Vuitton’s trunk, much lighter than the traditional leather-made version, was made of waterproof-treated canvas with a wooden frame, becoming the symbol, of sorts, for a modernized approach to an aspired lifestyle.

One of the styles available for personalization.
One of the styles available for personalization.

This spirit of innovation and the budding affection for objects with character has spawned the concept of the Haute Maroquinerie salon – where the most discerning experience the superior level of service and personalization of the Louis Vuitton bag.

Lock-it in crocodile.
Lock-it in crocodile.

Crafted in the special-order workshop in Asnières-sur-Seine, about 30 minutes from Paris, the collection available for the bespoke service consists of five different styles, three of which are classic and two that are new. The iconic Noé (created by Gaston Louis Vuitton in 1932 to carry champagne), Triangle (created in 1934 to carry knit works), and Lock-it (the padlocked 1958 design) make up the iconic selection. The  Milaris and the Neo Steamer, inspired by the Maison’s heritage, are the contemporary choices for personal branding.

A vintage book trunk.
A vintage book trunk.

With a palette of 26 colors, the shapes are available in two different sizes and eight of the most beautiful skins (ranging from supple to firm to exotic), providing more than 40,000 possibilities of execution, assuring that each bespoke bag is as original as, no doubt, the woman who will carry it.

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