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Tiffany & Co.’s first watch collection in 20 years tributes Charles Lewis Tiffany and a full-of-possibilities famous phrase.

Legend has it that Charles Lewis Tiffany originated the phrase, “a New York minute.” Tiffany believed that every second of the aforementioned minute holds the promise of greatness. The now-famous phrase is said to have originated with the unveiling of the nine-foot clock held up by a statue of Atlas above the Manhattan storefront at 550 Broadway — a landmark in a city where few public clocks existed at the time. Generations of New Yorkers embraced it as their personal timekeeper and a symbol of the city’s energy and innovation. Today, the clock graces the entrance of Tiffany’s Fifth Avenue flagship store.

In a tribute to Mr. T, who in 1837 founded the famed jewelry house that bears his name, Tiffany & Co. has released its first watch collection in 20 years, the Tiffany CT60 — CT for Charles Tiffany and 60 for the seconds that make up that famous “New York minute.”

Tiffany CT 60 3-hand 40 mm
Tiffany CT 60 3-hand 40 mm

The horological history of Tiffany & Co. runs deep. The company began selling watches in 1847. And in 1854, it was the first retailer in America to carry Patek Philippe watches, following an agreement between Tiffany, himself, and Patek and Philippe.

Tiffany East West 44 x 25 mm
Tiffany East West 44 x 25 mm

While the new collection is designed and manufactured in Switzerland, it is American history that informs the Tiffany CT60 collection. The most mechanically complex is the CT60 calendar, which is based on a design from a Tiffany watch made famous by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt when he wore it to the historical Yalta Conference of 1945, a post-World War II meeting of the heads of government of the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union. The limited edition 18-karat rose gold CT60 calendar — $19,000 — arrives with a watchcase designed to replicate Roosevelt’s own heirloom timepiece.

Tiffany CT 60 chronograph 42 mm
Tiffany CT 60 chronograph 42 mm

The watches, however, are not branded specifically for men or women. Most likely to appeal to either gender, three hand models are available in a variety of sizes, in 34mm, 40mm and 42mm cases, and in stainless steel or the Roosevelt rose gold. Another exceptional rendition is a 34mm on a steel bracelet that has round-cut brilliant diamonds on its bezel.

For a sportier timepiece, the collection’s blue chronograph is a study in monochrome simplicity. A self-winding chronograph movement gives the timepiece its heartbeat, capable of timing events up to 30 minutes in duration.

The East West collection is a rectangular watch placed on its side so the time indication is off-kilter, so to speak — very New York, according to Nicola Andreatta, vice president and general manager of Tiffany & Co. Swiss watches.

trillionaire-new-york-minute-5All of the timepieces in the new collection are a tribute not only to Charles Lewis Tiffany, but to an era when time was cherished and sixty seconds was full of possibilities.

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