Miles of Smiles

Entrepreneurial dentist and Fisher Island resident Dr. Bruno Sharp creates a line of tooth products
that are creating a buzz in the natural marketplace.

Dr. Bruno Sharp is a successful businessman. A prosthodontist specialist, he’s the fourth generation of dentists in his family, following a tradition of more than 100 years that began in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He not only has a booming dental practice in Coconut Grove, but he’s developed a full product line of oral care products with his sister, Valeria Braga, and another health conscious mom, Vanessa Heegaard. The entrepreneurs have created a boutique line that is made with natural flavors and toothpastes that are less toxic than what are usually found on drugstore shelves.

miles-of-smiles-2His wife, Camila Quaresma, is a sought-after and successful model, who also devotes much of her time to assisting with marketing and business development for the Dr. Sharp brand.

miles-of-smiles-3Dr. Sharp’s business, which includes both his practice and his line of products, is a priority to his family and comes up frequently in discussion — from favorite patients to where to find Dr. Sharp Natural Oral Care. In June, Whole Foods Market began carrying Dr. Sharp products at locations across the northeast region of the United States, which includes Whole Foods stores in New York City. Whole Foods joined Detox Market in California, Abe’s Market Online, and more than 80 dental offices across the United States.

The Detox Market of Beverly Hills stands by each of their products because they hand pick their selections, and tout themselves as a place where they spend time researching every product that they sell.

“We scout the world for the purest products and test thousands. They must meet strict criteria — zero toxicity, but they also need to perform even better than their toxic equivalents. And, in the end, the product has to look good,” says Detox Market founder Romain Gaillard.
Dr. Sharp’s motivation in creating his products is simple, he says. The company works to create products that aren’t only healthy, but that give consumers peace of mind that comes from making the planet a healthier place to live.

“We recognized the harmful long-term, possibly negative, effects that traditional ingredients in popular toothpaste brands had, not only on adults, but most importantly on children,” says Dr. Sharp.

Making quite a splash in the marketplace is Dr. Sharp’s newly formulated kids’ line of toothpaste, Wild Berry Kids.

“I wanted something safe that I could feel good about my son, Eric, using when he brushed his teeth,” says Sharp. The formula, says Sharp, also has properties that helps promote healthy teeth and gums in children. “It was important to Valeria, Vanessa, and me that we were creating something safe.” Sharp says that the two mothers were concerned about other toothpastes because of the research that showed excessive ingestion of fluoride by children was poisonous.

Many toothpastes contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which began its career as an industrial degreasant and garage floor cleaner.
“We’re hoping to change the way families tend to their oral healthcare needs with products that are fluoride-free, non-toxic, sustainable, safe if swallowed, and most importantly, free of harmful ingredients,” says Dr. Sharp.

In 2013, the company launched a new line of toothpastes that contained improved ingredients including Xylitol, a natural sweetener that has also been proven to help prevent cavities.

For adults, Dr. Sharp introduced Fresh Mint with Green Tea. “It contains more natural ingredients and natural flavors,” he says. There’s also Fresh Mint Alcohol-Free Mouthwash — made from natural mint oils and extracts — that contains no synthetic colors, flavors, or alcohol. Dr. Sharp Green Tea Dental Tape isn’t only safe for teeth, it’s also environmentally friendly — the entire packaging is recyclable, including the steel cutter. Packaging on all Dr. Sharp products is BPA-free, too.

And just as important to the socially conscious Dr. Sharp is that the products are not tested on animals and are PETA-certified cruelty free. To make sure every child has access to natural and safe toothpaste products, Dr. Sharp recently donated toothpaste to underprivileged children in Haiti through NPHI Country Liaison Friends of the Orphans, and contributes to Fundacion Internacional Amigos del Niño with Cancer, Sila Lieder Cancer Foundation, and Miami Beach Health Foundation.


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