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letter-from-the-editor-summer-2014After a wonderful summer of travels and relaxation behind us, we welcome fall and the excitement of pre-season activities and planning with open arms. Summer Fridays turn to casual Fridays, where the goal is to take it down a notch, enjoy life, and be grateful for our many blessings.

This summer we noticed a new trend with our international friends. Those who regularly take extended vacations in Miami were seeking out vacation alternatives from their vacation — destinations that are easy to access from Miami for three to four days at a time — essentially, a vacation from a vacation. This trend shows how Miami has become more of a second life mindset, than a second home, to many.

What is a second life? Ask Silvio, who coined the phrase, and he will tell you, “A second life is when people live the life they can’t live in their home countries, right here in Miami. This is where they feel safe to enjoy the life they can afford and deserve — where they can live in their dream home, drive the car they want, wearing the expensive watches and jewelry, and all without being afraid. This is their second life.”

In honor of October’s breast cancer awareness month, we invite you to meet the Dream Team on page 78, a group of compassionate doctors from the Memorial Cancer Institute. On the arts and culture circuit, we take you behind the scenes of the Miami Symphony Orchestra for an interview with Conductor Eduardo Marturet in “Raise the Baton” on page 68. Our contributing writer, Bonnie Clearwater, shares details of her conversation with the controversial Julian Schnabel on page 72. If interior design is your passion, turn to page 58 for an interview with Miami’s renowned architect Raul Rodriguez, and learn what he did to stay in the same house for over 30 years. In “Golden Age Revisited,” Italian design firms forego the gaudy for more sophisticated silhouettes.

All this and much, much more. We hope you enjoy this issue, and look forward to hearing your feedback.



Minerva Arboleya         Silvio Sulichin


Minerva Arboleya


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