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minerva-arboleya-silvio-sulichinNotorious as the playground for the jet set since back in the heyday of the “Rat Pack,” Miami continues to attract the crème-de-la-crème from around the globe. Millionaires, billionaires, and soon TRILLIONAIREs flock to the Magic City in search of le bon vivant. Luxury living, fine dining, nightlife, and shopping that rivals Madison Avenue is what continues to attract the wealthiest connoisseurs, far and wide, to Miami.

In this issue of TRILLIONAIRE, we take to the high seas for an Atlantic voyage while shooting our cover story with French photographer David Benoliel and the Fort Lauderdale coastline as our backdrop. Turn to page 38, Nautical Miles, for the full story aboard a 127’ floating penthouse — blue skies and top designer labels as protagonists.

Over the years, the luxury high-rises up and down the coastline have contributed to much of the fascination with Miami — along with the weather and beaches, of course. In this issue, TRILLIONAIRE gives you our Top Picks in new real estate developments and the amenities that attract the well-heeled to their showrooms. For the full stories, turn to Above the Clouds, page 36, and Building Boom, page 70, to read what all the hype’s about.

We celebrate the Centennial Anniversary of Miami Beach with a retrospect of the decades gone by and the milestones that marked each era in Through the Years on page 94. Yet another reason to celebrate is the arrival of the Longines Global Champions Tour to Miami Beach in April, bringing with it champion riders for the 2015 series kick-off. All this, plus arts, culture, fashion, design, dance, theater, travel and much, much more in this issue of TRILLIONAIRE.

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Minerva Arboleya         Silvio Sulichin

Minerva Arboleya


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