Jewelry with Rhythm

The Common Point Between Nightlife and Jewelry Lies with Lovers… of Life

Daniella Kronfle, the one and only adornments originator situated in Miami, whose work is filled with style and status through individual expression, opened up entries to her treasures of chromatic sounds and color flows. Her essence of refinement in each piece showcases stunning stone combinations fused with top-notch polish, glamor and modernity. Stemming from over a decade of creating and designing with precious and semi-precious stones, the brand namesake, founder and creative director Daniella Kronfle has a lifetime of passion for gems and exotic travels that fuel her inspiration. Every piece in every collection is infused with a blend of substance and elegance for the woman who wears it with joyful sophistication.

Kronfle’s most recent collection “Midnight Colour Code” displays tasteful and clean lines with a strange play of valuable gemstones and cuts. The collection conveys vibrant travel into the sounds of past centuries, restoring the reminiscent beat of artist’s gratefulness such as Stevie Wonder, Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder and Daft Punk. With careful procedures like that of a melodic architect, the creator organizes her pieces with capable complexities of the surface, blending of crystalline clearness with the impenetrable and shiny blackness of polished 18 karat gold dunked black rhodium.

This season the adornments powerhouse releases inventive designs inspired by a breathtaking dance floor and invigorating nightlife that reflects shades of blues, violets, and yellows. Combining the past with the future, each piece is passionately handcrafted to achieve the most classic modernity. The flawlessness of stone shaping and the precise cuts make each piece a novel creation to own and treasure for a lifetime. Usage of color rhythms and gemstone sequences with special “ombre effects” add to their uniqueness.

“We are constantly searching for new ways to reinvent timeless, classic designs,” said Kronfle. “We are creating beautiful, finely crafted, glowing jewelry with uncommon stones and innovative cuts for enjoyment over many years. Our passion enables us to continuously surprise and inspire the women who appreciate and wishes to discover unique fine jewelry.”

The opening of the Miami Design District boutique denote the beginning of Kronfle’s expansion, both internationally and in the United States.



Minerva Arboleya


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