Inspiring Minds

When jewelry designers need inspiration, they turn to everything from the heavens to down-to-Earth goodies.


“Everything has beauty to it.” – Coomi

Pg52_FIM_Jewelry_1.1Coomi Bhasin, known simply as Coomi, gets inspiration from her native India. Her bejewelled universe also reflects spirituality.



“India is a never ending array of colors, smells, chaos and beauty. Everything has beauty to it. People and their gestures, architecture, textiles, nature and all our surroundings are an inspiration to me.”



Chandelier earrings with emeralds and diamonds in 20k gold by COOMI.





Emerald and diamond ring in 20k gold by Coomi. Necklace with emerald slices in 20k gold by COOMI.




Cuff in 20k gold with emerald detail by COOMI.





de Grisogono

“My creative process starts with an idea running through my head.” — Fawaz Gruosi, founder of de Grisogono

The skull theme has been celebrated in contemporary art and fashion for eons. Often perceived as a provocative symbol, it also has positive and thoughtful meanings such as change, courage, bravery, non comformity and free thinking.


“Skulls have been in fashion for years. Unique, precious, mischievous and bold, Crazy Skull stands as a happy face, conveying positivity and amusement.”



Limited Edition Crazy Skull timepiece by de GRISOGNO, $718,000 to $800,000.




Martin Katz

“Nature inspires all artists. To recreate it through one’s own eyes is the ultimate challenge as it is already artistically perfect.” – Martin Katz


Pg52_FIM_Jewelry_1.8Renowned for his exquisite taste and an unparalleled eye for transforming stones into artistic creations, Martin Katz’s passion for gems has earned him wide acclaim for designing couture-quality pieces inspired from his love of vintage jewelry.



“The Cabochon emerald earrings came about after I decided to cut the stones in half . I wanted it to be an important earring, classic but with a contemporary spin like most of my work.”

“The bow pin concept came to me while I was on a phone call. I was shredding paper and started playing with the shredded strands and bending them around and thought it would make a wonderful bow. So I designed one to look like shredded stands of diamonds.”


Emerald and diamond chandelier earrings by MARTIN KATZ.

Shredded strands of diamonds by MARTIN KATZ.


“Instinctively, each diamond inspires a sketch or a drawing.” – Valérie Messika

Pg52_FIM_Jewelry_1.11Valerie Messika did not choose diamonds by mere coincidence, she was predestined to work with diamonds. As a child, her father, Andre, a key player in the diamond trade, would bring home precious stones. She would play with the gems instead of toys, feeling their essence and surrounding herself with their beauty.

 “Emotions come from the forms I imagine when I see a stone. Shapes, patterns and techniques prevail.”

For her private tour of The Louvre with her family on a trip to Paris, Beyoncé wore her Messika Glam’Azone ring. The iconic piece, inspired by the myth of the Amazons, chimed perfectly with Queen B’s independence, strength and sensuality.



Rock’Amazone Ear Cuff- gold and diamonds- $7,100.



Glam’Azone Double Ring- gold and diamonds- $7,000.


“Like every expression of the human spirit, jewels say something about the person who creates them.” — Sergio Silvestris, creative director, Pomellato

Pg52_FIM_Jewelry_1.14Sabbia flaunts the colors of dreamlike beaches. Its inspiration is the soft glimmer of the sand. A single grain of sand holds our history, small and great, and that of the entire universe.


“My life, my loves, my travels and the books I read provide my inspiration. All grafted onto a very strong Pomellato DNA.”

Pg52_FIM_Jewelry_1.15Rose gold bracelet with brown, white and black diamonds, $13,140, by POMELLATO.
Pg52_FIM_Jewelry_1.16Sabbia rings in burnished or rhodium-plated rose gold with black, white or brown diamonds staring from $1,500 by POMELLATO.



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