Haute Gypsy with Camilla Franks


Fusing the carefree lifestyle of a gypsy with the sophistication of a jetsetter, Camilla Franks creates an artisan realm of color and beauty inspired by global wanderings.

Celebrated designer and artist Camilla Franks is a name synonymous with Australian fashion. CAMILLA, her namesake line, is one of Australia’s most loved fashion labels. Her luxurious and unconventional creations have caused the CAMILLA line to rise to iconic status among the fashion and design set, worldwide. The magic of a CAMILLA piece is in its vibrant color, the story of the print, its placement detail, and the quality of the craftsmanship.

Franks’ gypsy spirit has made her the ultimate world traveller. “What a year of insanity it has been,” she says. “India, Morocco, Africa, China and Tibet, South America, and most recently, Wales and Scotland — and now the U.S.!”

Her constant travelling provides her primary source of inspiration — each CAMILLA piece is infused with the adventure of Camilla’s travels. “The discovery of cultures, food, and artists fuels my creativity,” she says. “The current Jambo, Jambo! collection was inspired by my off-the-beaten-track experiences in Kenya and Morocco with some of the most remote tribes in the world, including Maasa, Pokot, Turkana, and Samburu.” Taking cues from Africa’s melting pot of colors and textiles, the collection fuses earthy hues, bold tartanprints, and neon bursts, beautifully — unified as a vibrant range of Africa’s color spectrum.LAST WORD Camilla Franks - Maasai Tribe Image 4

“Spending time in Africa with these tribes really solidified the meaning of belonging — we’re all born to connect,” Franks says. “It opened my eyes that everyone has a story, a talent, and a purpose. The sentiment of that inspires me tremendously,” she says.

Franks’ line can be found in around 290 locations in 56 countries. CAMILLA designs have become “must-have” pieces for women the world over, including fashion leaders and celebrities. Her list of celebrity fans includes Georgia May Jagger, Kate Hudson, Christina Hendricks, Lily Allen, Nicki Manaj, Jennifer Lopez, Miranda Kerr, Rocky Barnes, Oprah, and Beyoncé. The U.S. has been a big part of the CAMILLA story. “It’s really important to us tocontinue to connect, love, and nurture our relationships
here, and to also better familiarize ourselves with the territory so we can deliver the best experience to everyone.”

Her visit here is an opportunity to showcase CAMILLA offerings that go well beyond the simple kaftan. “It’s a very exciting time for us, especially after we shot our next campaign with our fellow Aussie Ben Watts and renowned stylist Natasha Royt in the Hamptons last week,” she says.

Here are the things that the global wanderer can’t leave home without:CAMILLA INSERT

CAMILLA WORDSLAST WORD Camilla Franks - Morocco 4 with SURFBORD

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