California Dreamin’ with Gabrielle Anwar


Gabrielle Anwar makes her home in Miami, but the television and movie star admits to a love affair across the coast.

English-born actress Gabrielle Anwar didn’t have to venture far to shoot more than 100 episodes of the USA Network show Burn Notice, on which she starred as Fiona Glenanne. She made her home in Miami, where the television show was shot, and she still lives here. While the Tudors star — oh, and who can forget her tango with Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman? — loves staying close to the nest, work beckons and she’s quickly jetting out of MIA. One of her most surprising experiences on a plane? While on a flight from Los Angeles to New York, she looked up and noticed that a movie she had starred in was showing.  “No one noticed it was me.”  When it’s possible, the mother of three children says she doesn’t mind traveling with “my wee ones. They are the most entertaining in-flight entertainment!”

Anwar’s work recently took her to California for what she calls “pleasurable business — documentary filmmaking CA style.” While she’s always eager to return to the beach, she admits that she does miss the mountains. “I lived in Topanga in the Santa Monica Mountains for 20 years. Miami seems awfully flat once you’ve hiked to Eagle Rock.” Definitely, she’ll make a return trip to California — sooner rather than later, she says.  “I’m besotted,” she admits.

Here’s what the actress says are her travel essentials:

Pg98_FIM_LastWordAnwar_3“Always a good book — preferably a paperback. I was in the middle of Anjelica Huston’s autobiography on my last flight and discovered there were six pages missing — mid-read, mid flight! Bummer”.  A Story Lately Told: Coming of Age in Ireland, London, and New York, by Anjelica Huston, Scribner (2013), Barnes & Noble, paperback, $12.32; hardcover, $17.99; Nook Book, $12.99.

Pg98_FIM_LastWordAnwar_43“My skinny yoga mat travels with me. Makes me feel skinny.” Sol Thin-Grip Yoga Mat by GAIAM, $40,

Pg98_FIM_LastWordAnwar_4“I never leave home without my Swiss Army knife. Naturally, the TSA couldn’t care less that this is my must have travel item. I come in highly functional peace!” Barley Corn Silver Classic SD by VICTORIANOX SWISS ARMY, $247,


Pg98_FIM_LastWordAnwar_5“Giant, über soft cashmere scarf because I’m über offended by air conditioning.” KISHORN Lightweight Cashmere Washed Scarf, $379,

Pg98_FIM_LastWordAnwar_6“Lip balm. Vanilla.” Smooth Stick Organic Lip Balm in Vanilla Bean by EOS, $3.29,


Pg98_FIM_LastWordAnwar_7“I love my ‘vintage’ chocolate brown Tumi carry on. It’s battered and beaten and filled mostly with magnificent memories.” Get the updated Tumi carry on. Ticon Small Soft Leather Travel Satchel by TUMI, $795,

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