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trillionaire-turnberry_spring-2015-1Turnberry Ocean Club rises 54 stories into the air, but it’s the sky-high amenities that are making a splash.

By Michelle F. Solomon

trillionaire-turnberry_spring-2015-2There aren’t many condominium residences whose owners can boast that they are also members of a private golf club and resort, but that’s one bit of bragging rights that will be afforded to residents of Turnberry Ocean Club.

And while the amenities inside the 54-story, luxury oceanfront tower on Collins Avenue in Sunny Isles Beach is impressive, the membership privileges afforded to owners for use at the Turnberry Isle Resort and Club ups the ante.

“The membership at the Turnberry Isle Resort and Country Club basically offers everything that we haven’t included at the Ocean Club — two 18-hole golf courses, racquet club, deep water marina, two signature restaurants, and it’s less than a mile from the Sunny Isles property,” says Dan Riordan, president of residential development at Turnberry Associates.

trillionaire-turnberry_spring-2015-3Yet, it’s difficult to imagine that there would be a reason to leave the Turnberry Ocean Club and seek out other amenities. One of the most touted and unique features of the Carlos Zapata-designed, 54-story building is the private club that begins on the 30th floor and includes tranquil pools, spas, salons, fitness studios, and private dining — all 333 feet above sea level.

“We took out three or four floors of residences in order to create the three-level indoor/outdoor private club,” says Riordan. “It’s not something most developers would do; no one’s done it yet, including us, but we think it creates a special element. No matter where you live in the building — on the top half or the bottom half — it’s a place to centrally meet in the building.”

Riordan points out that amenities are usually located at the base of the building — yes, Turnberry Ocean Club has those, too — “but then we have floors 30, 31, and 32 that have sunrise and sunset swimming pools, hydrotherapy spa and cabanas, private dining, a pet retreat, indoor and outdoor fitness. It’s heavily amenitized,” he says.

It was time, according to Jeff Soffer, Turnberry Associates chairman and CEO, to create something extraordinary on the site of the original beach club property, which has been owned by Turnberry for the last 30 years. “Miami is transforming in so many ways, and obviously, we’re a big part of that; plus, Sunny Isles is a great feeder into the success of Aventura, Aventura Mall — all of these areas.”

trillionaire-turnberry_spring-2015-4Anyone who knows the landscape of development in South Florida knows the Soffer name. Jeff’s father, Don, was responsible for creating the city of Aventura, which is home to Aventura Mall — owned by Turnberry Associates — and one of the country’s top-visited shopping centers and one of the top five-grossing malls in the country.

“This is the nicest building I’ve ever created from a residential standpoint . . . architecturally and then the level of amenity,” Soffer says about Turnberry Ocean Club. “How many developers have built a whole city? That’s what you need to ask yourself,” he says.

Soffer talks about Turnberry’s diverse portfolio. “We create luxury residential high rise, retail, hospitality (the Fontainebleau), and office buildings, and we do it at a very high level. That makes us unique in this market.”

He also believes that luxury residential customers associate a level of confidence when Turnberry is the developer of a project. “We’ve really engineered and designed a fantastic building. We’ve always done that in all our projects, and that’s what my dad started with Turnberry Isle. It was cutting edge. We’ve always leveraged the lifestyle, and I think that’s a big part of what people want.”

International architect Zapata — who has worked on other Turnberry projects, but gained attention for his asymmetrical design that brought Chicago’s historic Soldier Field into the 21st century — says that he was very aware he was designing a Turnberry building.

“We studied every building going up against us, and this one has the right sensibility. It also connects in many ways to the Turnberry brand,” says Zapata.
The architect says Turnberry Ocean Club rethinks what it means to be a condominium tower in Miami. “The response is very simple. We are creating an open space in the middle of the building and pairing with an amazing view, an open deck and a series of amenities. This is the Ocean Club, not Beach Club. We wanted the building to speak of what it is.”

Robert Swedroe, the local architect of record on the project, who is best known for his pioneering condominium direct-entry elevators and superb space planning, has redefined the use of space.
“There’s only so much you can do with a 10- or 25-story building,” says Riordan, referencing the height restrictions in neighboring Bal Harbour and Surfside. Turnberry Ocean Club rises 649 feet into the air on Collins Avenue.

trillionaire-turnberry_spring-2015-5What Zapata has done is create what the developer says is a “rhapsody of glass.” Riordan says it this way: “Zapata uses glass like a jeweler uses diamonds.” With no more than four condo residences per floor, each residence has a flow-through design with deep balconies. “Views look east to the ocean for incredible early sunrise views, and west over the bay for gorgeous evening sunset views,” says Riordan. 11-foot-deep balconies and terraces create additional outdoor living space. Each oceanfront balcony has its own summer kitchen.

Zapata has also carved out duplexes, with first floor living areas at 3,970 square feet and the second floor at 2,725 square feet. Called Collection residences, the duplexes have 20-foot-high living room and balcony ceilings.

Soffer believes that Turnberry has “raised the bar” with the Ocean Club.

“Turnberry Ocean Club isn’t only a residence, but it’s a private club lifestyle. It’s real destination. If you’re a business person, you can have people come to you since it has all the amenities needed to entertain. If you are here with your family, it’s a place to vacation. That’s how I look at this building. It presents so many opportunities,” says Zapata.

Residences range from over $4 million to more than $35 million and are located at 18501 Collins Avenue.

For sales inquires, contact Silvio Sulichin via email at silvio@trillionairegroup.com or call +1 (305) 934-9742.

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