Car Condo

A new Miami concept lets auto aficionados showcase their cars in a space that protects their assets, as well as celebrates their automobiles.

By Michelle F. SolomonDeveloper Louis Birdman considers Miami a car-crazy city. “There are plenty of people in Miami that have more cars than they have places to keep them.”

Birdman — the developer behind Miami’s high-profile residential condominium One Thousand Museum — has the problem solved for owners of luxury vehicles, high-end supercars, motorcycles, or vintage and collector automobiles and the inevitable conundrum owners of multiple cars face as to where to store them.

“Most of the solutions available today for people who own a number of fine vehicles aren’t the best,” says Birdman. They rent warehouse space — or areas in airport hangers or any number of other options — which according to Birdman, are not the most optimal. “These places are often not climate controlled or secured facilities, and many times, they are not in convenient locations to where the car owners live, making it difficult for them to have access to their cars when they want to drive them.”

He created AutoHouse, a “condo for cars and the people who own them.” Equal parts personal museum for auto collectors and VIP social club, Birdman is presenting a lifestyle destination for automotive aficionados. It will be an entertainment space where cars are showcased and a gathering place for those who share the same passions — not only cars, but fine wines, cigars, and luxury goods.

AutoGalleries are for purchase and are the ultimate stage for personal collections. Hurricane-resistant windows overlook the city with transparent interior-access garage doors. The galleries also feature museum-quality lighting and polished concrete floors. Owners can have AutoHouse’s interior-design team fully customize their gallery — everything from a personal art collection to a customized audio-visual system.

“Members can showcase their lifestyle, and it doesn’t mean only their cars,” says Birdman.

Five levels of AutoHouse are dedicated exclusively to private AutoGalleries — available for ownership of various sizes for exhibition and car-side entertaining. AutoGalleries are accessed from the street level through a digitally secured and 24/7, 365-days-a-year staffed main entrance. Vehicle and passenger elevators lead to all five AutoGallery levels and a penthouse-level social club.unspecified-1

car condo 3“We took a whole bunch of problems that needed solutions and put them together in one venue and created something that could be duplicated in other locations. We were mindful of how we designed the space, the site selection, and the access,” says Birdman.

Onsite, owners will have services for their cars available, such as detailing, maintenance, and upkeep. “For many, Miami is a second or third home, and cars are left here for months at a time, not driven. We’ll make sure the cars are kept optimally — if they need to be started, driven, or moved, this will be done.”unspecified-4


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