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Food love poetry for your taste buds.

Michelin-starred Chef Shaun Rankin of Ormer Mayfair

By Peony Hirwani

All fancy and luxurious, Ormer Mayfair, located in the underground level of Flemings Mayfair Hotel in London, near Green Park, is a feast for your brain and taste buds. No table clothes, but damn they have a champagne trolley swinging from one table to another. Recently, the luxurious boutique hotel went through a $20 million renovation where 129 bedrooms, suites and apartments were re-designed alongside a tea bar, and the Ormer Mayfair restaurant.

Incepted in Jersey, the famous Michelin star restaurant lead by celebrity chef Shaun Rankin has set up its reputation in the posh streets of London by using typical locally sourced, fresh ingredients, along with a heart-warming wine list. That’s right, starting from Pinot Noir to Pomerol “L’Hospitalet de Gazin”, they have it all. The dining menu is no less than food love poetry. Dishes are described in groups of the most delicious ingredients: Roast Rabbit (with pancetta, truffle gnocchi, morels and peas, heritage), Pearl barley risotto (with peas, broad beans, and wild garlic.) The kitchen favors excellent British elements, with the priority on ‘dishes done properly’, rather than untidy looking plates.

Ormer Mayfair in London

Ormer’s affection for the island and its neighborhood nourishment is reflected in the Ormer Mayfair menu by offering occasional Jersey create including lobster, crab, shellfish, hand plunged scallops, Jersey royals and hand-picked shoreline scavenged herbs.

Scottish venison with Medjool date, chocolate tortellini, quinoa, parsnip and ginger.

Beyond the modern British fare, the dazzling interior deco roused inside of the restaurant is flooded with 1920’s allure and creativity makes everything even better. Calfskin banquette seating, dull wooden framing and glass tiles are complimented with the fragile highlights of the bronze lighting. It’s beautiful.

Heritage beets with goat’s cheese and Kalamata sorbet and truffle honey.

If you’re a calorie counter, you should skip the dessert menu and head straight to the engaging nearby bar to drink cocktails or champagne, however, the devoted should go up against the pudding list. Shaun Rankin’s original Treacle Tart with raspberries and Jersey clotted ice cream, sentimentality enhanced my favorite childhood sweet dish from home: there is no higher compliment.

Lobster Ravioli with crab and tomato bisque, shallot salad and coriander.

An interesting detail to note; they have separate menus for vegans and vegetarians, which is commendable, as not many restaurants have set menus for nonmeat eaters.

Baked Alaska blackberry and vanilla.

Ormer’s new restaurant is the ideal place to go and refresh your taste buds with the perfect fine wine, champagne, cocktails, and simple, delicious dishes. And oh, the Martini is highly recommended, if you choose cocktails.

Manetta’s Bar at the Flemings Mayfair


7-12 Half Moon Street, Mayfair
London W1J 7BH United Kingdom

Phone: +44 (0)20 7499 0000


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