The Yachtsman’s Life

Silvio Sulichin, publisher of TRILLIONAIRE, talks about what’s drawing nautical aficionados to Marina Palms Yacht Club & Residences.

Luxury real estate in South Florida has offerings that are perfectly suited for many lifestyles. For people who own a boat and enjoy life on the water, South Florida is the land  (well, the waterways) of endless possibilities.

silvio-sulichin“The weather in South Florida allows for enjoying the water year ‘round, which makes it perfect for boating enthusiasts. Anyone who already owns a boat is a buyer. For those who don’t own a boat, sooner or later in South Florida, the affluent will always end up on the water,” says Silvio Sulichin, an avid boater and water enthusiast who sold millions of dollars in waterfront properties to foreign investors.

The addition of Marina Palms Yacht Club & Residences in North Miami Beach brings Miami-Dade County its first luxury condominium and yacht club development in two decades.  What makes the property such an envious draw for those who enjoy the yachting lifestyle is how singularly special it is.

“Considering all the water that surrounds South Florida, the logic would indicate that there would be more than a few opportunities like this. However, since marinas are restricted by the state of Florida, they remain a limited resource in Miami-Dade County. If you are a yachtsman looking for property in South Florida, the choice is to buy now at Marina Palms or regret later,” cautions Sulichin, who has given sound real estate advice to South American investors for over two decades.

This is also what makes Marina Palms such a sound investment for those searching for the right place to not only live, but spend their money wisely.

“The luxury real estate market in South Florida is growing exponentially. What sets Marina Palms apart from the rest is the state’s marinas regulation making this development a valuable limited resource, which in turn increases the desirability.”

The convenience of the Marina Palms Yacht Club Residences are a nautical enthusiast’s dream, offering not only waterfront and luxury living amenities, but 112 boat slips to accommodate owner’s vessels up to 90-feet in length.

“For someone who enjoys boating, the luxury of having your boat at easy access around the clock is more than a priority for the true yachtsman, it’s a necessity. Time is money, which means that housing your boat at a near by marina is not an option. Quality of life is the luxury of having your yacht parked at your residence.”

With construction underway and a projected completion of the north tower in late 2015, Marina Palms is offering what many in-the-know are saying will be “the finest in bayfront living in South Florida.”

“A common expression when you purchase property is that you also purchase headaches. With a project like Marina Palms there are no headaches, only solutions to your every wish – concierge, full amenities, butler, health club, spa, valet, security, everything you can think of,” says Sulichin.

The Miami real estate market leads the United States in international property sales, with Brazilians leading as the No. 1 global consumer searching for South Florida real estate on the Miami Association of Realtors website with the latest statistics available from February 2015. South American buyers are drawn to Miami real estate for a number of reasons. Furthermore, Brazilian buyers are showing quite an interest in Marina Palms.

Sulichin explains: “Beyond the obvious, owning a residence in South Florida allows for South American’s to live their ‘second life’ here. More than a second home, South Florida is where many South American’s can live the life they deserve and can afford, drive the Bentley convertible, wear the Breguet, enjoy life the way they cannot back home. As I always say, ‘make the rest of your life, the best of your life.’ ”

For inquires on Marina Palm Yacht Club & Residences, contact Silvio Sulichin via email at or call +1 (305) 934-9742.


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